TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash*

This is the first time ever since I have started this blog, three years ago that I’m talking about haircare. I had to, due to these beautiful new products from TRESEmmé. They created a new haircare products: The Reverse wash. Made exclusively to use for the reverse wash. Where you start by conditioning your hair and then shampooing. Why you asked? To give your hair more volume. If you have naturally thin hair this is for you.

So I tried the shampoo and conditioner on both my natural hair and extensions and worked pretty well. My hair is naturally thin and I really notice a difference after the first use. And what I like the most, the volume stayed for a couples of days. Even when I straighten my hair, it was more thick than usual. My hair was also more light weighted, shiny and bouncy. It was also easier to detangled.

First, make sure your hair is fully wet and then apply your conditioner and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Rinse everything off and then shampoo your hair.  It’s very easy. By conditioning your hair first, you protect the cuticle of the hair.

Usually when I use shampoo first, my hair was really dry and then had to use a lot of conditioner to bring the moisture back since doing the reverse wash, it’s not the case anymore.

Get it now in drugstores nationwide. 

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