What to expect in 2016 on LFB

Hello Gorgeous,

It’s almost the end of January and have thought a lot about what I wanted to do on the blog for 2016. Last year, I mostly did makeup reviews and in the new year, I will still do some but want to expend to more things. Trying more brands like Jeffree Star, Dose of Colors, LA Splash, Makeup Geek and try to present you with more affordable products. Do makeup looks, talk about new release, hair reviews.... I also want to go back at doing some fashion post.

I also want to publish more, currently I post once a week on Tuesday but I want to add one more day: Friday. I want to be more present and bring LightsFashionBeauty on the next level. The past year I have been so busy with school and work. But now, I have a schedule that is more settle and I’m ready to do more.

Since I have started LFB, I mostly kept to myself because I’m kind of shy but that won’t be happening in 2016 anymore. I want to make more blogging friends. My main goal for the year is to start on YouTube. Because I have some ideas that translate bad in words but will be great on videos. I will work on that but that won’t happen until until April or March.

I want to thank all for the support over the years and cheers to many more. 

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