Almond + Macadamia Coffee Scrub from Jealous Body*

It’s been more than a month since I have sit down and wrote a blog post. I had to travel for some personal reasons and had two post that I had written schedule. I got sick while being in Haiti and it took me almost two weeks to get back into shapes. But I’m back and really missed you guys. 

Today I’m bringing a review of the new Jealous Body Almond + Macadamia Coffee Scrub. If you remember, I reviewed the Coffee and Coconut one a few months back and loved it. The Almond + Macadamia Coffee Scrub is almost the same as the original one. There’s only certain ingredients that differs like this one contains macadamia oil. 

I love this one even more. The macadamia smell is absolutely enchanting. Like fresh cookie. To use, simply damp your body with water and put 2-3 scopes of product. Rub it all over and leave it or 5 minutes. When done rinse everything off.

This scrub is serious business, I love to exfoliate after shaving and this was such a good product. My skin was so soft and stayed soft for two weeks and I didn’t have the usual bumps on my legs that I get after shaving. Winning!

I recommend these scrubs because they are harsh on the skin, helps with imperfections and are full of vitamins and minerals and are not damageable for the environment. 

This retails for 18.95$ here.  There's also a lot of variety like Cocoa + Macadamia or Grapeseed + Macadamia.

Be careful if you have any nuts allergies. 

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