Jealous Body Coffee + Coconut Scrub*

I don't know if I have tell you before but exfoliant are my best friends. I can't live without it, so when I received the opportunity to test Jealous Body Coffee + Coconut Scrub*, I had to accept. The first thing that attract me was the fact I could read the list of ingredients and actually understand what every single one of them was. This was the first time ever in my life of beauty lover and blogger. 

On my first use, I tried it first on my hand just to test and swatch it, this was the moment I saw how effective the scrub was. You could clearly see the difference between where I use it and where I didn't. My hand was so soft and hydrating, which is due to the fact that the scrub contains coconut oil adn Vitamine E. If you have some issues with acne , age spots, eczema, cellulite, this product will help with them.
To use it, I pour some in my hands and mix with some water and massage it all over my body or you could simply get your body wet and then apply the scrub. After that, I let it set between 5 to 10 minutes and rinse. After that, I follow with a shower gel. You can use the scrub up to three time a week. 
Little side note, if you guys ever try this product you will be attract to the strong delicious smell but unfortunately you can't eat or drink the product. 
If you are looking for a natural body scrub and an affordablel price  to get ride of the winter skin dryness I would suggest to go try this product out. They also offer free shipping for Canada and the US. 

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