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Hello girls, 
How was your week end?

Today instead of my usual beauty post, I taught I will do some chit chat with you girls. I feel that you girls are friends and I can speak to you about anything.

I'm very proud to say that I'm finally done with school (until I choose a master) and It haven't felt so good since a couple of years. School take so much time and energy that I barely had time to do anything else except for work. I don't  have to stress about my next paper or exam. I love what I majored in but  now I can start building my dream career and not focus so much on theory. I have more time to do what make me truly happy which in writing on here and grown my blog, drawing, sewing and even do the little thing like reading a book which I haven't done in a very longtime, going out and not having to watch the time and just taking time to smell the roses.

I'm working on my dream project which I'm trill about. This year I want to enjoy life, travelling and discover new things while i'm still young. I so want to do a road trip this year, it's looks so fun. Have you ever done one before? How what it?

I'm very proud to say that girl in on a semi-shopping ban and so far so good. I haven't splurge, I only got things that I actually needed because while moving I saw how much of unused products I have in a drawer and this need to change if I want to travel and realise all my lovely projects. 
Hope you will have a good evening and if you are planning  on watching the SuperBowl may your favorite team win.
PS: I have reach more than 300 followers on Bloglovin and wanted to thank every single person that took their time to follow and read Lightsfashionbeauty. I'm very greateful.

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