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Hello Beauties, 

Welcome back to a brand new blog post. But first thing, what do you guys think of my new blog design? I simply love it, it's so clean. In today post, I wanted to share with my at the moment beauty.  I moved house two months and still haven't had the time to find everything I have in mind. But still happy about what it looks like right now. My dressing table is the MALM from Ikea. Which I adore but i'm a little annoy by it cause its doesn't completely open in full.

I always my mom made me this flower arrangement so I've had it since the longest time summer through winter. I just love colorful things what ever season we are in. I have this tissues box to use has face cloth because I don't like to re-use thing on my face and they are thick enough. I always have the MAC Fix + on my vanity and a few nail polish. Also thing cute Guess bag my friend gave me that can be filled with all the stock.

Then come this Conair mirror that I bought after Christmas on sale for super cheap lol. I loveeee it. I used to do my makeup in the bathroom by sto after getting this. I adore it even more since it match with my room color which is by the way grey with some purple-pinkish undertone and is not purple. I also have a pot with part of my makeup brushes. Also another box of tissues for the messes I make. 

In my vanity drawer, I mostly have my day to day basics. Foundation, powders, lip balm, brushes and a few miscellaneous items.  

You have here, the skincare i'm using or testing at the moment. As you can see, i'm addict to Bioderma. These products make my skin feels so clean, healthy and less shiny. In the back you have my most used lipsticks and my camera that's taking dust due to not having a computer. 

Now come the Alex drawer unit I also got from Ikea. Perfect to store all my makeup. I gave you a little peak of a few drawers. The first one up is my lips products + a few random things I have put there to give. Then on the last one, I have some products waiting to be tested and a few things for a upcoming project of mine. You will hear about it soon enough.

By the way, I need more inspiration so don't hesitate to share with me your room decoration  so I can get inspired. 
Hope you guys will have a wonderful week xox

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