Kabuki Brushes Review

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A few weeks back, I was strolling down my Instagram page and came across someone I follow showing the things she got from Buy in Coins and how good they were. So I went just to explore the site and also purchase a few things. I got two set of brushes including these and a few box of eyelashes for 1.50$. I will keep you posted about them. What made me bought these kabuki where because I wanted some from Sigma and didn't know if I was going to love them. Before trying something expenive, I always love to try a cheaper version. 

After trying, I sure will purchase the Sigma version. I have read many reviews of ''dupe'' of brand makeup brushes. They are like the real one but without the brand logo on them. The most frequent are dupe of the Real Techniques, that you can also find on Ebay. 

Moving one from the ramblings,  I got these four pieces for 1.97$ each and the shipping was free. I really did love the brushes because they just give me that awesome airbrush look. 

I love these makeup brushes so much because they my face a nice matte finish. They blend out really good  into the skin, giving my makeup natural look and finish. The brushes are almost all the same in the way that the same fibers but I use a different one,  dependant of where I use them. The flat ones are perfect for putting foundation on my cheeks and forehead, the round and angled one for contouring and around my nose. My favorite has been the angled one because I finally found something the help me using the last bit of my MAC Blot/Pressed Powder. 

These brushes have multi-purposes, for foundations, powder, bronzer. They also washed out very easily and I washed them a couple of times and they are still in very good shape. I got some ELF and the handle broke after the first wash. 

I will surely order more of these makeup brushes very soon and highly recommend them, 

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