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It's been quit some time since my last blog post but school and work kept me really busy. Having some issues with my camera didn't help also. But everything is back to normal for now. In  today post, I'm reviewing Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and Self Heating One Minute Mask  that I wanted to try since I was in New York in February but never got the time until now. 

 I don't know for you, but I never had any problem until all of the fuss about it. Like with Benefit POREfessional, Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, L'Oréal Pore Vanisher Serum, Lorac Porefection foundation and the list goes on. Like all the oily skin people, I have enlarged pores and why not try a product that can make them look smaller. This was a good occasion to try I've been dying to try since a few years now. 

Like the name says, the Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser really does cleanse your skin deep and after the very first use, you can notice the difference. My skin was really soft and felt very fresh. It didn't felt dry at all. The cleanser took all the impurities off my face. This cleanser is 2x more powerfull than the other but doesn't feel harsch for the skin.

To use it, you only have wet your face with hot water so your pores can open and help cleanse your skin better. After that, I simply pour a small quantity of the product on my hands and massage to transform it into a mousse and then apply it over my face for 30-45 secondes and then rinse everything of with cold water to close my pores. Very easy to use. 

Usually, when I cleanse my face, I tend to let my eyes open to see were I do cleanse my face but with this product I can't. When I keep my eyes open, I have this burning sensation. Which is not very enjoyable but except for that, I don't see any bad point with this product. 

The cleanser is gentle enough to be use twice a day. I highly recommend this product if you have large pores or even if you just need a deep cleanser that is gentle. It's a natural product, there is no oil or any bad scent.  And for 8$ you get 200 ml. 

Self Heating One Minute Mask

I instantaneously felt in love with this mask because of the heating. I felt like I was receving a mask at the spa. The best way to use the mask is to first get your face wet, dry your fingers and then apply the mask. Then, massage it for a minute on your face. If you want to a better consistency, you can get use wet fingers. Then, rinse everything with cold water. I really like the deep clean feeling on my face but my skin afterwards felt greasy. I don't know why, it didn't absorbs all the oils like my others mask do. But I not mad because recently I really have a more oily skin because of the terrible out weather. 

The only thing I didn't like was the price, 8$ for 4 pack of single use mask which in my opinion contains too much product for single use. 

Have you tried these two products yet? What did you taught of them?

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