Revlon PhotoReady Coral Reef Cream Blush

Hey Beauties,

The Revlon Photo Ready cream blushers came out I think two years ago but I wasn't really into pharmacy makeup at that time so never knew they were out.  I come across them on a website a few months ago but couldn't find them anywhere. Until I went to Winners and find some. If you don't know what Winners is, it's a store chain where you can find designer clothes for 40-60% off and on makeup side, you can find rare or discontinued products. 

So I was very happy to have found one during the Christmas time. So in today post I'm reviewing Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Coral Reef. 

One of the reason why I wanted to purchase this product was because I loved the cream blushers from Sephora's and wanted to try some more from other brands. I was also attracted by the gorgeous coral color which feels very spring and summer. And they are nothing alike. The cream blush from Revlon is way drier and crease in your fines lines if that's even possible as you can see in the last picture below. It's pigmented but you have to put a few coats on and don't use your makeup brush. It will go better with your fingers tips. This blush is very ''cakey''. 

Also the Cream Blush dry very fast  and turn into powder. My main problem with it, it's because it doesn't last very long. After a couple of hours you can barely see I've put any blush on my cheeks. 

I purchase the blush for 5.99$ and I think it's a decent price for what it worth. I saw at Wal Mart their new ones and they are 10.46$ here in Canada which I find too expensive. I can had 10$ and get a MAC blush which are way better in quality. 


I like the color, very pretty for the upcoming months and like I said it's pigmented but unfortunately it do not last very long which is bad but at the price of 5.99$ I can't really complain. But maybe, the news one have a new formula but I will have to check them out and will tell you if I do. 

Have you ever tried any of  Revlon PhotoReady Blush? What did you tought of them?
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  1. It looks nice, but I am not a fan of cream blushers myself. They never last on me.

    1. They usually do on me but this one was just bad. At least the color is pretty. x

  2. I love Revlon products! I used the Photo Ready pressed powder a while back and I am seriously considering going back to it!

    1. I just discovered they had the Photo Ready pressed powder this week end on Instagrsm. I must try it. Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Looks like a gorgeous colour but never found a cream blusher that lasts on me!

    Rebecca Coco

    1. I think this is a problem for a lot of person. But to make it last a bit longer, I sometime wear a powder blush over cream blush. It will last longer. x


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