Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in 215 Shameless

Hello girlies,

I wanted to try a purple lipstick for the longest time now but couldn't find a color I like. When I saw the MAC Heroine lipstick was coming back I wanted to go and it because it looks like the perfect purple color for my skintone. I was going to buy it, until one of my friend told me that the Revlon Matte Balm in 215 Shameless was the exact same color. I knew about these new products but I wasn't really impressed because all the makeup has some and I have plenty in my makeup stash. However, I decide to go and buy one just to try it which was hard because it was sold out at Target and I bought the last one from Wal Mart, there was any at Pharmaprix either.

So has you can see, I'm giving my opinion on Revlon Matte Balm in 215 Shameless a purple color. I don't even where to start. I haven't love a new product I tried that much since my Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. It was love at first sigh. This balm is matte but so creamy and nourishing at the same time.  I did not expect that at all. After, trying for the first time I went to get it but still couldn't find any which i'm really disappointed about. 

As I said before, the color is gorgeous and very pigmented. You don't have to work it. I did put some lip liner before wearing this product and it wasn't necessary at all due to the high pigmentation and creaminess if that's even a word. 

It also last very long. I went to dinner and when I got back home it was still intact. I took off my makeup with my cleansing water and you could still see some color. It all wash off when I brushed my teeth. Also I will strongly suggest to hydrate your lips before putting it on because it did make my lips dry but it's matte and my lips are really dry recently so that's may be why. The color is very spring/ summer but I like wearing it now because it enlighten my face which I really like. I look more awake.


This is one of the best lip product I've ever tried. The color is absolutely beautiful, I love matte product and last for a good time. What's not to love. I need to track down the other colors and will them you if they are as good. You can see me wearing it on some pictures on Instagram. 

Have you tried yet the Revlon Matte Balm? What did you taught of them?
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  1. I've wanted to try purple lipstick because I think it's in but it makes me very nervous. I've also wanted to try revlon because I've heard great things about their lipsticks. And I need something easy.

    1. I think it would suits you very well. You should Revlon has some of my favorite drugstore lipstick and some of them look a lot like some from MAC x

  2. Such a beautiful, bold shade, truly shameless!

    1. I know it so pretty. The name in french is even better it's Désinvolte which mean provocative, flippant or breezy lol x

  3. I think it would suits you very well. You should Revlon has some of my favorite drugstore lipstick and some of them look a lot like some from MAC x

  4. ongrats! You've been nominated for a Liebster Award!!!
    Jordan xx

  5. Such a wonderful shade, it looks beautiful on your skin tone! Now following you honey, xoxo.


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