Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer Review + Swatches

I was on the search for a bronzer for my skin tone and I came across Guerlain Bronzing Powder Moisturising and Long Lasting.  It was on my wishlist for quit some time and I finally got it as a Christmas gift to myself. I feel that it's going to be one of my favorite products of 2014, the only other Guerlain product I've ever tried was their Little Black Dress perfume which smells heavenly. Usually when I want a bronzy look I always opt for my MAC Mineral SkinFinish. So I was really excited to have found a real bronzer. 

The shade 08 is a red based one, which will be perfect for the summer tan but still look gorgeous during winter. The application is very easy and you can build it up. When I want a more discrete look I barely dip my contour brush in the product and it's super pigmented. I have use and swatches my bronzer a couple of times and you can't even see that. I knew this product is going to last a very long time so I kind of get my money back in the long run. 

I use it in a E form: My temples, my cheeks and my jaw line. This will give the impression that you've got a tan or have been to the South. In my opinion, my face looks like I have no bone structure and this bronzer really define my cheeks and face in general which I absolutely love. And it's will look good during the day or night. Also perfect for those winter day when you need a little glow you will get this perfect sun kissed face. 

One more thing I also really like, is that it didn't have a powdery feeling on your face. I didn't look ''cakey'' at all which may be because it's a moisturising product. I have oily skin as you may know by know and it didn't melt on my face at all. It did stay like I  just apply it. This bronzer is really long lasting just ask my hand when I was swatching it, taking the product off was hard. Very hard but not really on my face. Can be remove like the rest of my makeup with some Eau Micellaire or makeup remover wipes. 

This bronzer can be wear with or without blush. You will still get that amazing look like you have a perfect face. 

If you have only skin don't worry, it won't be shimmery on your face. I've use and swatch it a couple of time and you can't see it at all.  

Like I said, the only bad thing about this product is the price but you will get your money back with all the time you are going to use it and you can't really complain: long lasting, moisturising, very pigmented. 

Come in 8 shades depending of your skin  under tone and color. The Guerlain Bronzing Powder can be found at your local Guerlain counter and online. 

Have you ever tried Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer? What are your favorites bronzer? 

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  1. great review i've been looking for a bronzer that works for deeper skin tones for ages. off to find my nearest guerlain counter as i type!

    1. Yeyy. Glad I was able to help. You are going to adore it. xx

  2. This is my favourite bronzer! It lasts for ages too :) xx


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