Annabelle + Marcelle Wharehouse Sale

 Hello Darlings, how are you all doing? The week end is almost there, hold on just a bit more and you can all have some fun ;).

This past saturday I went with my friend Cristina to the Annabelle + Marcelle Wharehouse sale. We were very excited because all the makeup items where for 2.25$. A very good prices because generally each of the products are around 6-10$. 

The skincare product were more expensive at around 9$. Even tought, it was a great deal because they retail for around 16$ and up. 

I only been using Cleansing Water and so far so good. It really deep cleans your makeup. More than with wipes.  I still have to try the toner and clay mask so I will keep you guys up. 

Like I said before all these items were for 2.25$ each except for the eyeliners sets which were 6$ each.

 I have heard great things about these Annabelle mascara's and I smatch and wear some of  the liners OMG so good and easy to use.  Multiple way to use them.

I initially had a 40$ budget but bought some skincare products so my grand total  was 94$. I didn't know I was going to buy skincare but they were at good prices and needed them. 

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