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I was wandering around downtown on my lunch break and pay Sephora a little visit and got this lippie.

Today post i'm reviewing  Sephora Color lip last lipstick. You can get them in 28 colors. In store or online. From this collection you can get 5 mattes lipsticks and the rest are regular ones.

I got it in the color 20 Wanted Red which is deep matte color. This is a waterproof lipstick. There will be no transfer if you let it dry for a few seconds. It does have a spongey feeling which I find kind of weird but it's fine at the end. My only problem with this lipstick is the smell. It smells like bad grape candy. 

But except for that, for me it's the perfect red lipstick for fall. It won't last 10 hours like the Sephora website says but which lipstick acutally does. 

It looks great with and without a lip liner and is very very pigmented. I only swatche it one time. And you got this gorgeous color. If you doesn't want it matte, you can just add a little of gloss over it.

What I really like about this lipstick is that you don't need to work it. It goes on so easily and smoothly, has great coverage and you can take it off with no problem with a good makeup wipes.

Actually the color is not as bright as the pictures show it. It looks a lot like MAC Ruby Woo. As i'm writing this post I swatche them side by side on my hand and you can't even say which one is which one. They also almost have the same texture but the Ruby Woo is more dry.

If you want a cheaper alternative to the Ruby Woo go for it. The lipstick retail for 15$ CAD.

I think I should go for some news colors and go out of my comfort zone. I'm always buying reds. If you have some suggestions leave them on the comment section. 

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