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I know not another lips product review but girlfriend is waiting for the Holiday collections that should hit the shelves only in the first days of November. A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago about a big promotions going on for the Annabelle TwistUP. For 24 minutes you could get the 24 products for 24$ for their #24days promotions where you had to wear one different color everyday. Habitually the whole set is for 238$ which means 9.95$ each.  So you know why I had to get them. But the offer was so big that websites stop to work even before the 7pm. Seeing all the problem they decided to let the offer run until they run out of stock but I couldn't. A lot of people where really mad about this I was too because they shouldn't had made so much promotions if they didn't have a good websites. So to make it up to everybody who haven't get a chance to get the 24 TwistUP they have decided to run a kind of giveaway where you just had to send your email and a few random people would get a code to get them. I tought that I will never be choosen but I have and was happy about. 

Annabelle is a Canadian cosmetics brand who was bought a few years ago by Marcelle. They offer a great  range of products from mascara to BB creams. This was the first time I ever tried anything from the brand. 

They came in 24 differents colors but I only choose to open two mainly because I wanted to share them with my friend who wasn't able to get them and why open them all when I don't to use them all now and give some away. Don't forget makeup has a expiration date. 

This not the first time I've use some retractable lipstick crayon. I tried last year I think one Chubby Stick from Clinique and I didn't reallt like it but when I was in New York during the summer I got one from ELF for 3$ and was impressed by it. Matte, pigmented and inexpensive. I couldn't ask for more. The TwistUP goes in the same range but they are more glossy which surprinsingly I don't hate. They are pigmented but you have to put a few coat one if you want to pop up more. You can also wear a lip liner under it. But you can also use them to trace your lips and them fill them with the same one. 

They goes on so  easily. I like when you don't have to work something a lot to get a good result. They are not drying which is good for a lip product. Even when most of the product is gone you still have some trace on your lips. 

The ingredients  list is a good point. There is no perfum or parabem. And the TwistUp also contains some natural ingredients like omega 3/ 6 and shea butter. You don't need a sharpener because they are retractable and it's a 2 in one : A lipstick and a liner. 

Like I said previously, you have to put a few coats on to get a fully pigmented result which can be annoying at the end but it maybe because of my skin color so I don't really hold it against these TwistUp. For me this is the only bad point.

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