Starting Off | Week 3: Foundation

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the third week of The Starting Off project. This week it's all about foundation. Foundation is use to uniform the color of the skin and cover imperfections. Like I said last week, it's preferable to use foundation before concealer because foundation can usually cover most of the things you want to. 

When it's time to choose your foundation you have to keep in mind your skin type  (dry, normal, combination or oily) , the coverage you want (light, medium, full, buildable)   and obviously your skin color. Try reading my post on how to choose the right foundation for your skin type here

Color: When you are choosing your foundation color try finding 3 shade that are closer to your skin color and put in near of your jawline. The one that disapear the most in your skin is the right color. Also, because we tend to be 2 colors during the year: darker in summer and lighter in winter so try having 2 shades and you can also mixed them together to use the same color all year long. 

Coverage: If you don't want to use foundation you can try a BB cream or CC cream or even a Tinted Moisturizer. These products are actully good because while they are makeup they are good for your skin, they hydrate , contain sunscreen, treat  problems and do more thing. Personnally, I'm not a fan of these because they don't give  enough  coverage for me. But if you want a product to even your skin try Maybelline BB Cream. 


Also don't stress out in finding the perfect foundation for you, it can take time and don't hesitate to ask for help at the makeup counter and what I like before buying any product is to read reviews on Sephora or Makeup Alley. They reviews are always on point.

Prime: I think that the application of my foundations goes on smoother when I beforehand exfoliate my face, moisturize and use a primer (using one is better for me because I have oily skin). At the moment my favorite is MAC Oil Control Lotion. 

Application: I think that applying foundation with makeup brushes are way easy. I use my MAC 190, Real Techniques Buffind brushes or depending of the foundation: my fingers. Some people like to use sponge but I find them complicate to use out. 

Recommandation: I have try quit a few foundations but I'm currently loving a old favorite of mine: Clinique Stay Matte Foundation. If you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend it because it's mattifying a lot like the name says. Your face will only look super cakey. Some day I have 12 hours of university and don't even have to retouch anything except my nose because I have the oilest nose on earth no kidding. You don't have to put powder over it because it already contain some but I do but just a little over my nose. Read my review here. I use it with my fingers. Easier because of the consistency of the product.  


I this post was helpful. Don't hesitate to leave a comment or a question!
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  1. Yes yes yes! Finally someone using the Maybelline Dream BB, I swear nobody's been talking about it for months now and it's such a good product!


    1. I agree with you but you definitely need some concealer with it. It's so sheer but give you a nice natural glow.

      Thanks for visiting.

  2. I love the Maybelline BB cream too! :) x


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