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Hope you all had an amazing week. Finally the week end is here. Today post will be a little review about the Lorac PRO Palette. 

I think that the Lorac Pro Palette must be my favorite discoverie of the year. Since I've seen some people on Youtube using it I knew I must have it. I bought it when I was in New Jersey at Ulta  because Sephora in Canada and US  don't carry the Lorac brand anymore except online. I was so lucky because when I wen't to Ulta there's wasn't any of the palette left on the shelf so one of the associate went to look in the back and got me the last one. I'm so grateful. If I didn't get the palette I would have die. Literally. 

Lets get to the review !!

The PRO Palette retail for 42$ and come with a little pot of eye shadow primer. 

I think that you guys know by now that I'm a neutral kind of girl. I don't like over the top makeup like blue, green eye shadows, orange lipstick. You understand the point. So I was really  happy about this palette because it come with 16 neutral colors. And for the number and the price I like it better than my Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. 

I just love this palette because I can wear it in my everyday life but when I go out too. So many possibilities with these 16 colors. Also, there's 8 matte and 8 shimery shades. I was effraid that some of the color would not come great or even look on my skin but I was wrong. They are all very pigmented and you don't need a lot. I simply just have to dip your eye shadow brush  slightly in the shadow and blend.

I have oily eye lids and the shadows last literally all day with or without primer.

I used the palette for a couple times and my sister messed it up when she used it to go to a wedding and the palette still looks like we barely even touch it.

I must be the world worst swatcher ever. No kidding.

Overall:  I will definitely recommend this palette because of all the different looks you can create and there's an equivalent of shimerry and matte shades. Perfect for all taste. And 16 colors for 42$ is absolutely a bargain. 
If you live in the United States you can go get the Palette at Ulta or Online on the Sephora websites also if you live in Canada. For the rest of the world I find for you a link from Amazon (Here). 
Hope you enyoyed. 

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